Food Quality Control Lab

Development of the „Food Quality Control Lab“ within the project „MSc in Sustainable Food Production Systems / STEPS

In line with the activities and obligations within the STEPS project and WP5, particularly the activity 5.2 Development of research labs, the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Bihać timely initiated procedural and technical (training, small-scale demonstrations) activities for the development of two types of laboratories, “Food Quality Control Lab” and “Food Production Systems Management Lab”. These activities on one hand directly support the foreseen start and implementation of the second study cycle on Sustainable Food Production Systems in terms of provision of laboratory-infrastructural preconditions/procurement of laboratory-instrumental equipment, but also the implementation of other study programs at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Bihać. On the other hand, laboratories will provide an opportunity to increase the potential for scientific research, which will result in the publication of scientific papers in national scientific journals, international scientific journals and conferences. Also, they will will offer the possibility of organizing joint programs with industrial partners or small and medium-sized private sector companies and national bodies involved in decision-making and policy making but also to become part of Open science network society.

For the purpose of developing and establishing a “Food Quality Control Lab” at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Bihac within the framework of the MSc project in Sustainable Food Production Systems / STEPS, a detailed specification of the instrumental equipment planned to be obtained was made. This specification involved the purchase of the following equipment::

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Razvoj „Laboratorije za kontrolu kvaliteta hrane“ u okviru „Erasmus+ projekta STEPS / MSc In Sustainable Food Production Systems

U svrhu razvoja i uspostavljanja “Laboratorija za kontrolu kvaliteta hrane” na Biotehničkom fakultetu Univerziteta u Bihaću, odnosno modernizacije i jačanje kapaciteta Laboratorije Biotehničkog fakulteta u segmentu koji se odnosi na kontrolu kvaliteta namirnica, u sklopu Erasmus+ projekta STEPS / MSc In Sustainable Food Production Systems , urađena je detaljna specifikacija, zatim provedena tenderska procedura i nabavka sljedeće instrumentalne-laboratorijske opreme:

  • Kjeldahl Distillation Solutions for Food and Feed – Automatic distillation unit,
  • Analytical Instrument – Automated Titrators/LL-Unitrode WOC/pH electrode,
  • Color measurement instrument – portable colorimeters for measuring reflected colour and colour difference in a wide range data processor,
  • Laboratory mill – Instrument for grinding and homogenizing foods and feeds,
  • Moisture Analyzer,
  • pH measuring device – pH portable Food kit,
  • VORTEX – laboratory orbital shaker.

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