Food Production Systems Management Lab / ICT-Center

Development of the „Food Production Systems Management Lab / ICT-Center“ within the project „MSc in Sustainable Food Production Systems / STEPS

Besides the Food Quality Control laboratory capacities in the framework of Erasmus+ Project “Msc in Sustainable Food Production Systems/STEPS“, the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Bihać was obliged to establish the ICT Center for the “Food Production Systems Management” for the support of the implementation of the second study cycle on Sustainable Food Production Systems, and other study programs within the 1st and 2nd study cycle.

Through the implemented and completed public procurement procedures, all the equipment pieces (computers, software) were purchased for the ICT laboratory. Food Production Systems Management Laboratory will offer the opportunity for students to design and analyse processes and supply chains and evaluate the performance of production systems, in terms of energy consumption, environmental impact and recoup. This type of laboratory will provide enhanced knowledge related to the second group of courses, i.e. food production systems management. ICT lab in terms of “Food Production Systems Management Lab” will be used to design software-based exercises and projects (Activity 5.3), with the aim of ultimate utilization of the purchased equipment and further improvement of the level of knowledge and relevance of a variety of courses.

For the purpose of developing and establishing a “Food Production Systems Management Lab / ICT-Center” at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Bihac within the framework of the MSc project in Sustainable Food Production Systems / STEPS, a detailed specification of the instrumental equipment planned to be obtained was made. This specification involved the purchase of the following ICT equipment:

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Razvoj „Laboratorije za upravljanje u sistemima proizvodnje hrane / ICT-Centra“ u okviru Erasmus+ projekta „STEPS / MSc In Sustainable Food Production Systems”

U svrhu razvoja i uspostavljanja “Laboratorije za upravljanje u sistemima proizvodnje hrane / ICT-centra” na Biotehničkom fakultetu Univerziteta u Bihaću u okviru projekta STEPS / MSc In Sustainable Food Production Systems, napravljena je detaljna specifikacija, provedena tenderska procedura i nabavka sljedeće ICT opreme:

  • Computer Configuration + Monitor
  • SERVER Rack version 1UDSP WINDOWS SVR STD 2016, 2VM, 16 Core
  • Laser printer A4
  • UPS 19” RACK 1500VA
  • Rack cabinet 19 “12USWITCH 16 Ports
  • White writing boards and presentation
  • Swap panel

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